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Oct 6, 2012 8:45pm EDT
and we need reform to that end. john mccain, thankfully, has been one representing reform could two years ago, john mccain was the one who pushed so hard for the fannie mae and freddie mac reform measures. they did not want to listen to him and would not go to the reform needed then, think that the alarm has been heard and there will be greater oversight thanks to john mccain's bipartisan efforts. even suspended his own campaign to make sure that he was putting politics aside and putting the country first. >> and senator biden, how, as vice-president, would you work to do with the polarization in washington? >> that is what i have done my whole career. dealing with violence against women and putting more police officers on the street to try to get something done about the genocide and what is going on in bosnia, i have been able to reach across the aisle. but it is fair to say that i have almost as many friends in the republican side of the aisle as i do in the democratic side of the aisle. until two weeks ago, it was two months ago that john mccain said that the fundamental view of the e
Oct 7, 2012 2:00pm EDT
reform to that end. now, john mccain thankfully has been one representing reform. two years ago, remember, it was john mccain who pushed so hard with the fannie mae and freddie mac reform measures. he sounded that warning bell. people in the senate with him, his colleagues, didn't want to listen to him and wouldn't go towards that reform that was needed then. i think that the alarm has been heard, though, and there will be that greater oversight, again thanks to john mccain's bipartisan efforts that he was so instrumental in bringing folks together over this past week, even suspending his own campaign to make sure he was putting excessive politics aside and putting the country first. >> you both would like to be vice president. senator biden, how, as vice president, would you work to shrink this gap of polarization which has sprung up in washington, which you both have spoken about here tonight? >> well, that's what i've done my whole career, gwen, on very, very controversial issues, from dealing with violence against women, to putting 100,000 police officers on the street, to trying to g
Oct 10, 2012 9:00am EDT
? what makes you angriest at john mccain, the republicans, what's being said about your husband that you want to shout from the mountaintops is not true? >> it was one of the most moving moments in my life, to come across that bridge with this group of kids i've never met before, but we were all together. and that's the sense you get here, we're at the parade route where the president's going to review the parade. this sense of family, of the country coming together, that's what people are looking for, i think. >> al, i'd love to tell you that i have no idea what you're talking about, that everybody here kept their emotions thoroughly in check during the ceremony, but i'd be lying to you, my friend. i'm hoping to find you in a reflective mood on a cloudy day. we're the first to speak to you coming off your summer vacation. how does it recharge you, what do you think about, what do you see, what do you read about? how are you thinking about your job these days? ♪ >> all right. there you have i, our four finalists. now, ladies and gentlemen, you're going to vote with everything at your d
Oct 8, 2012 10:00am EDT
that big and we feel we have momentum and the next day john mccain announces sarah palin as vice presidents. you could just feel something all of a sudden. people can say what about how ready she was, but in that moment sarah palin made a pretty grand entrance onto the national stage. she blew through. i often talk about that as hurricane sarah. we had the republican convention. there were two hurricane events in my mind. they had to cancel the first day of their convention and then there was hurricane sarah. the head wind was still for about 18 days. john mccain came out of his convention in september with a three-point lead. that stretched to about six or eight points in mid september. the alarm bell sounded and people were saying the same thing they had said a year ago. we started to hear about the strategy, we were not strong enough, we had not hit hard enough at mccain. people that are decided we were going to lose, so we were starting to feel all this pressure. then september 15 comes and that's when wall street collapsed and john mccain was on the look -- hook for six words -- "the f
Oct 6, 2012 2:00pm EDT
was a lawyer for john mccain which i thought was a very important job. nothing like being a lawyer for stephen colbert. maybe one day i can say i work for comedy central, too. i want to give you a brief overview. this is a graphic we ran in "time" magazine at the end of july, we are trying our best to project with the money would come from and what the differences would be in terms of the various sides. the point we're trying to make, one that there is a real difference in political money strategy that they are employing the cycle. the obama campaign is heavily reliant on small dollars, regu under $2,500 from individuals. the campaign has total control over and can spend as they want. th usa whie we sangaybe millearlier. since then, the super pak sets and in a huge wave is sumner. when romney wins, he does not have the money he needs to compete with obama. he relied heavily on super pacs to do is advertising. this is not technically coordinated advertising. trevor can get into the realities there. it had some obvious positive affect in holding parity with the president as he issued a blisterin
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
into being a good debater. the only time i thought he was a superb debater was with john mccain. they really had to knock him out to do that. he is a competitor, he will be back, but romney has done this consistently through the campaign. he has been a very good debater when he had to be. he had good debates in the primary when he needed to. obama, this was a missed opportunity. looking down all the time was lethal. >> colby, where was the president's fastball? >> he did not have it. he did not have anything. they are dancing in end zone now, the republicans, but we're not even yet at halftime. the president did not bring his game, and you cannot blame anybody, the moderator, jim lehrer, how he handled it, the remarks of romney. fair warning is fair play. he knew what kind of debater romney was. all he had to do was look at the videotapes from florida, and he did a lot of things wrong, the optics were wrong, looking down, he did not have the responses he should of had. he let romney get away with saying things, like this comment on medicare, which was not true. >> he never mentioned the oppo
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
for the weekend were canceled. john mccain was campaigning in formmonwealth of virginia mitt romney. was there and joins us from the newsroom. senator mccain was comparing the campaign to his own ago?years right.lutely first, the cancellations. a big rally also scheduled for president with bill clinton monday in prince william county air. in the governor mcdonnell says worst- scenario, he can postpone day, although that is not likely. another twist in an already unpredictable race. slip on theional understandable, but the of the path sat down of controlled tv interviews. t is now the biggest concern. while joe biden stumped in wisconsin and continue to mock make romney -- out there is a lot of qualified women. >> he perhaps optimistically the movie iowa to soundtrack for air force one and ,ave an economic speech critical of the sluggish page out ofking a playbook. >> we need real change, big change. come.ime has sides concede at this wate there are very fe forcided, they are looking every one of them. about policy. is personal. better than john mccain. in our interview today, he was
Oct 5, 2012 8:30pm EDT
. the only time i thought he was a superb evader was with john mccain, and they really had to knock him up to do that. he is a competitor, he will be that, but romney has done this consistently brought the campaign. he has been a very good debater when he had to be. he had good debates in the primaries when he needed to. obama, this was a very big missed opportunity. looking down all the time was legal. >> colby? where was the presence fastball? >> he did not have it. he did not have anything. they are dancing in the end zone, the republicans, but they are not even at halftime. the president did not bring his game. you cannot blame anybody, not the moderator, jim lehrer, how he handled it, you cannot blame the remarks of romney. the president, i believe, fair warning is fair play. he knew exactly what kind of the bitter romney was. he only needed to look at the videotape from florida. he did everything wrong. the optics were wrong, looking down, not looking at him in the eyes. he did not have responses. he let mitt romney get away with saying things, like this $716 billion number for medic
FOX News
Oct 22, 2012 1:00pm PDT
a wonderful host. i want you to look at something as we spoke to the governor and he john mccain was mobbed and now they are getting his thoughtses on this race. this state and the fact that he won it four years ago, that turned things around for john mccain and he went on to win the republican nomination but did not do so well in the general election. fair and balanced from that, and the democratic senator from the fine state of rhode island, senator reed, good do have you. >>neil: senator, we know libya will come up, and you are on record as saying now is not the time now is not the time to put together an inquiries that the results will be out before the election. where does the party stand on this? the cynic in me says maybe they waiting to get this stuff out after the election. where do you stand? >>guest: the president was clear the day after the terrible attack this was an act of terror and he has vowed successfully to pursue those economy committed it as he did with bin laden. if the meantime, secretary of state, hillary clinton has appointed ambassador pickerring, respected by all
FOX News
Oct 25, 2012 12:00pm PDT
way. we will show you the numbers. senator john mccain levels a strong accusation to the head of the c.i.a. and the director of national intelligence in connection with the attack in libya that killed four americans. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the weather experts are warning of a potential billion dollar frank -- storm, hurricane sandy, strengthening beyond most predictions and headed to the eastern seaboard, a category two hurricane slamming cuba with winds at 114 miles per hour. to are dead in the caribbean. now, the government says sandy is growing stronger and faster. it is just one part of a destructive, severe weather situation. noaa reports that when she hits the east coast, it could hit with an early winter storm and arctic air on the night before halloween during a full moon. good grief! gale force winds flooding and heavy rain and snow are all possible in the northeast part of the united states between sunday and wednesday. an expert predicts a massive storm. one so big that folks fro
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm EDT
mattered. 2008, we will see president obama debate john mccain, and john mccain very seldom looked at barack obama. that was the story the next day. they were talking about that, just like barack obama was not looking at key times to mitt romney. i need ben up here. we are going to dress him up a little bit. can i have that gray jacket? september 26, 1960. one candidate comes out with a great coach -- a gray coat. black and white. i told the c-span crew i would move around a little bit. he blends into a gray background. go up there a little bit, and he will almost disappear. [laughter] and he sweats at 55 or 60 degrees. when i was down in wake forest in 2000, vice president gore was debating, and the hall was so cold because he sweats at 50 degrees or whatever. the last thing you want to do is look like you are richard nixon sweating. the other person comes out with a dark coat, and he's got great eye contact. i a few look at richard it -- if you look at richard nixon, his eyes roll, whereas kennedy is looking right at him. he refuses make up because he hears that kennedy refuses m
Oct 26, 2012 7:00pm PDT
go away. he could certainly learn a thing, mitt romney could, about being courageous from john mccain. remember in 2008 when john mccain stood up to the people who thought president obama administration was a muslim. >> no, man. he is not. thank you. thank you. [ applause ] >> jennifer: john mccain earned a lot of respect for standing up and being honest. mitt romney remains silent. silence in the face of these kind of comments is unacceptable. there's a saying that goes not to speak is to speak. not to act is to act. joining me from washington to discuss the republican's race to the bottom is democratic strategist and syndicated columnist karl frisch, and coming to us from boston is charlie pierce, contributing editor of "esquire" magazine. both of you gentlemen welcome back inside "the war room." >> good evening, governor. >> hello, governor. how are you? >> jennifer: i am great. charlie let me start with you. how it is that mitt romney can continue to affiliation himself with people who make inane comments like those. >> first of all the jesuate fathers thought me
Oct 25, 2012 3:00pm PDT
for governor in indiana and you know it's bad when governor haley barbour calls and then senator john mccain. he single handedly exposed the issue in the are republican party on the issue of abortion. last night he broke with the governor saying he would not support mourdock unless he offers an apology for the rape comment. but by this morning it was all forgotten. senator mccain emerged to reverse himself, saying that he was, quote, glad that mr. mourdock apologized and he hopes the people of indiana will elect mr. mourdock to the u.s. senate. a year ago he was asked about a personhood bill on mike huckabee's show. here's what he said. >> would you have supported the constitutional amendment that life is established at conception? >> absolutely. >> absolutely. as for mr. mourdock, he believes that a woman must carry a rapist's baby because life is life, period. so does paul ryan. >> i've always adopted the idea that the method of conception doesn't change the definition of life. >> the method of conception. that's what we call rape. no wonder mitt romney can't reject mourdock. when it comes
Oct 18, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the then two presidential candidates, both senators, john mccain and barack obama, told some funny one-liners. >> this campaign needed the common touch of a working man. after all, it began so long ago with the heralded arrival of a man known to oprah winfrey as the one. being a friend and colleague of barack, i just called him, that one. >> many of you know that i got my name, barack, from my father. what you may not know is that barack is actually swahili for that one. i got my middle name from somebody who obviously didn't ever think i would run for president. >> very funny. they are going to have some good one-liners. gloria, why do these candidates normally attend this event sponsored by the archdiocese of new york. >> i think at this point in i acampaign, wolf, it is clear to them and it is also pretty clear to us that what we need is some civility, a little bit of humor. it doesn't hurt yourself as a candidate to be self-deprecating. you just saw then candidate obama, john mccain making fun of themselves. john mccain making fun of his mistake in a presidential debate. i think vo
Oct 16, 2012 4:30am EDT
than professional journalists. >> senator john mccain wandered aimlessly around the stage in 2008. and in 2000, al gore walked right up to president bush in an awkward moment. and the first president bush checked his watch. >> while the presidential nominees debate in new york, some closest to them will be on the campaign trail. first lady michelle obama will speak to supporters in chapel hill and then will travel to new york. bvice-president joe biden taking a break from campaigning to attend this afternoon's funeral for senator arlen specter in pennsylvania. we invite you to weigh in during tonight's debate. go to on your smartphones, in your browser or your tablets. give us your instant reaction and feedback to the debate. >> virginia republican george allen expected to speak at a roundtable tonight in arlington and his wife will make several stops in fairfax county today. democrat tim kaine will hold a discussion with northern virginia women in dallas this afternoon. >> a crash in southeast washington after a police chase. >> we don't know what led to the chase
Oct 26, 2012 4:30am EDT
in alabama. ann romney campaigning in virginia beach, with an expert and richmond. arizona senator john mccain stumping for romney in woodbridge and in fairfax. >> jim moran speaking out about the criminal probe into his son's actions. arlington police launched an investigation after a conservative group released an undercover video of patrick moran allegedly giving a plan to commit the voter fraud. he doespatrick resigned from the campaign. >> there's a new report revealing where wealthy singles are located in the d.c. area. >> and what wall street is watching today. linda bell has more from bloomberg in new york. >> we're watching apple. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. dropping 100 points for the dow jones. apple is spending more to refresh its product line to keep up with samsung. apple sold your ipads in the than what analysts predicted, mainly because customers were waiting for the ipad mini. the pentagon may be able to help out apple's business. it plans to open its network for the first time to iphone as well as google operating systems. the defense department would
FOX News
Oct 3, 2012 2:00am PDT
the man who helped prepare romney for his primary debate brett o'donnell. o'donnell also preparing john mccain for his debate against president obama. he tells bill o'reilly what mitt romney will need to do in order to come out on top tonight. listen to this. >> the burden in the debate is on the governor, or am i wrong? >> i think you are absolutely right. while the challenger gets elevated by being on the stage with the president clearly the president is on the mountain top. he won the last set of debates. there has to be a compelling reason for change. governor romney has the burden of proof. >> you prepped john mccain for his debate with barack obama. mccain held his own but didn't bring the debate to the president mccain never brought it to him. this guy doesn't know what he is talking about he is talking in generalities but that didn't get through to the electorate who liked obama and still likes obama. >> that is one of the reasons he has to go on offense. >> we will see tonight. coverage starts at 8:55 eastern time with megan kelly and bret baier. they will be live from denver.
Oct 26, 2012 1:00am PDT
, and decided to make his endorsement in the presidential race between barack obama and john mccain that year, colin powell choosing obama for his endorsement was pretty much the last thing in the world the mccain campaign needed to hear. at that point, they were already becoming a really evident long shot. the race was starting to increasingly look like it wasn't even going to be close. and the colin powell endorsement just took the wind out of the mccain campaign's sails. john mccain responded to the endorsement that same day by going on fox news and sighing that, well, it wasn't all that much of a surprise. he at least, though, was able to say even if he did not have colin powell's endorsement, he did have endorsements from some other former republican secretaries of state. so at least he had those names to offer for counterbalance. the romney campaign's counterbalance tonight to them losing the colin powell endorsement this year is a whole different kind of counterbalance. >> you want to call me crazy, go to hell. call me crazy all you want. >> this morning, on cbs, republican former secr
Oct 26, 2012 4:00am EDT
. and the colin powell endorsement just took the wind out of the mccain campaign's sails. john mccain responded to the endorsement that same day by going on fox news and sighing that, well, it wasn't all that much of a surprise. he at least, though, was able to say even if he did not have colin powell's endorsement, he did have endorsements from some other former republican secretaries of state. so at least he had those names to offer for counterbalance. the romney campaign's counterbalance tonight to them losing the colin powell endorsement this year is a whole different kind of counterbalance. >> you want to call me crazy, go to hell. call me crazy all you want. >> this morning, on cbs, republican former secretary of state colin powell officially endorsed barack obama. that's on one side of the race today. on the other side of the race today, well, tonight actually, as we speak, the romney campaign is hosting a gala fund-raiser in texas with former vice president dick cheney and this guy. >> tonight, it's big boy time. tonight is not an episode that you casually watch and take out of context.
Comedy Central
Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
'm-- ( laughter ) i guess i am just asking-- >> i don't, either. ( laughter ). >> jon: that ad allowed john mccain, john mccain allowed him to laugh at you. ( laughter ) to laugh at you for using a cartoonish, child-like figure to invigorate your campaign. that's mccain who was saying that. ( applause ) that's got to hurt. but haters gonna hate, right? hater's gonna hate, the media, the republicans. but at least you're still fighting the good fight, children's literacy. >> obama for america says it's reviewing a request from the sesame workshop to stop airing the ad. >> jon: oh! et tu, big bird? i have-- i may have mixed languages on that. all right, so lesson learned. maybe this will be a wake-up call to the president. to recapture some of that vigor and enthusiasm of '08, when a passionate candidate and committed base of supporters, artists. yesterday the commander in chief headed to ohio state university to speak to the youth once again with will i am in. perhaps this would be the moment to utline the grand vision in the niewrt. >> it may sound silly, and you may laugh, but this is the theme s
FOX News
Oct 4, 2012 3:00am PDT
by and senator john mccain. stay with us. when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. follow the wings. mike rowe here at a ford tell me fiona, who's having a big tire event? your ford dealer. who has 11 major brands to choose from? your ford dealer. who's offering a rebate? your ford dealer. who has the low price tire guarantee... affording peace of mind to anyone who might be in the market for a new set of res? your ford dealer. i'm beginning to sense a pattern. buy four select tires, get a $60 rebate. use the ford service credit credit card, get $60 more. that's up to $120. where did you get that sweater vest? your ford dealer. >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. told is thursday, october 4, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you're gonna have a great day. round one goes to mitt romney who hit the president where it hurts. on his record. >> $90 billion, like 50 years worth of breaks into solar and wind. i mean, i had a friend who said you don't just pick the winners and losers, you pick the losers. >> gretchen: was last night a game changer for mitt? michelle malk
Oct 9, 2012 9:00pm PDT
in the middle of fox's election night coverage was on tv gaming out john mccain's chances of pulling out a win that night. he said during their election coverage, quote, if senator mccain loses ohio he goes from 286 electoral votes, which the republicans carried in '04, down to 266 and that puts him below the 270 needed to win the white house. so he would not only need to sweep the rest of these states which were won by the republicans in '04, he would also need to pick up something as well. at that exact moment as carl was saying on fox news as part of their coverage that john mccain basically had to win ohio or else, while carl rove was saying that live on fox, fox got word that the state of ohio had not, in fact, been won by john mccain. it was won by barack obama. mr. rove was right that night. that was game over for john mccain. by winning the great state of ohio, barack obama won the presidency. mr. obama closed off john mccain's path to the white house by taking that one giantly important swing state, and it was all over. in presidential politics ohio is a must-win. for republicans, win
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
, senator john mccain wandered aimlessly around the stage. walked2000, al gore anht up to president bush in awkward moment. president2, the first bush checked his watch. experiencedifferent when the citizens are asking ofstions instead professional journalists. >> perhaps this is the way like to see their presidential debates. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> you can watch tonight's debate sprang on abc 7 at 9:00 feedbackus your instantly. al- smartphone,ble or browser. we are using new technology so can give us your instant what you hear in the debate. your smartphone, tablets, browser. >> maryland voters have until tonight to update your or request a new polling place. gop vice presidential nominee today,an in virginia in a rally lynchburg around noon. at 6:30 will host a rally in fredericksburg. mitt romney and paul ryan all out a lead in obamaia that president .eld two weeks ago new this morning, one person arrested after police chase with a crash in southeast d.c. at this video. park police say that a car after the suspect's vehicle crashed at 20th street baker
Oct 22, 2012 6:30pm EDT
group that was -- you look back in the 2000 race. i went to an event in philadelphia in 2000. john mccain and then candidate george w. bush had thousands of people in front of the philadelphia art museum, latino voters turning out in droves to vote for this republican ticket. fast-forward to today. where are the republicans in locking down that latino vote, and what do you see there? >> tom, they're crucial in three battleground states. nevada, colorado, and florida. there's a large puerto rican population have moved to florida, the i-94 area. right now the president is leading, i thought it was mas print. an astounding 45 points. mitt romney is at 25%, the president is at 70% amongst latinos. john mccain did about 35 or 34. but this is the margin of difference, and many people feel that this emerging population group is key to president obama keeping the presidency. >> thanks a lot, mark. brian, when you look at where these vote totals are, places like florida, places in nevada, that's where the latino vote is going to come in. >> senator john mccain, the nominee in 2008, joins us live f
Oct 24, 2012 7:00pm PDT
of the military assault. frank townsend will join us shortly. bob b enair and john mccain wil join us as well. but i want to start with, intelligence correspondent suzanne kelly. >> >> the fbi is expected to take the lead on this investigation. >> so, it is not clear. fbi will take the lead on interviews and cia. others will be there? >> that is what was expected. it's not clear that the cia will take the lead and other intelligence will be there? >> that's what we understand you understand what this looks like with law enforcement. but we are told that right now the fbi is told to take the lead. they would be able to uphold in court but that the intelligence agency will be there as well. they want to know how many other people they can lik nk to the attack in benghazi. >> so, his name is ali alhazri. we know that he was posting details of the attack as it was happening on his social media websites. >> as it was happening? >> as it was happening. spectacular detail. when you do something like that it makes it easier for people to track you down and find you. we know that he went from libya an
Oct 19, 2012 4:00pm PDT
, he lost the state to john mccain. john mccain got 58% of the votes cast on election day. that's an overwhelming margin, right? but obama won the state. he built up such a big lead in early voting that he won. the first time in 32 years. there's a statistic today on north carolina that's going to shock you. i've got that to share with james carville, political contributor and democratic strategist and erick erickson. great to see you. let me start with you., interesting especially since we're talking about north carolina. these numbers have got to scare you. >> to a degree, they do, although again, democrats typically do do well in early votinging, but when you look at some of the margins, for example, in ohio, green county outside of dayton, has seen a shift from democrat to republican. montgomery, i believe. that one is drawn closer to the republicans. so they're drawing closer to where it was in 2004, when it was bush versus kerry. they've been able to narrow it down from where obama was. then you look at colorado where republicans are a little bit ahead now. so
Oct 25, 2012 5:30pm PDT
about rape. several republicans have distanced themselves from mourdock, including john mccain, who later reversed course, his spokesperson writing that john mccain is glad mr. mourdock apologized, and in an interview in rolling stone magazine, they talked about young voters, the marks some have interpreted as a dig at candidates, saying kids can look at a guy and say well, that is a bs'er, i can tell. >> reporter: and to give you an idea on how much it has to do with the state of ohio, romney heads to ohio, back here this weekend, his running mate, paul ryan will hold eight events here in this state. >> peter alexander, tonight in defiance, ohio. >>> earlier this morning we were in tampa, florida with president obama in the middle of 24 hours worth of non-stop travel from one end of this country to the other. when the news arrived, the president received a sudden endorsement from a big name who had endorsed him last time around, retired secretary of state general colin powell. he did it on live morning television >> i also saw the president get us out of one war, start to get us ou
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